Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Understanding OOP Concepts


Classes--The "Blueprints" for an object and the actual code that defines the properties and methods.

Objects-- Running instances of a class that contain all the internal data and state information needed for your application to function.

Inheritance-- The ability to define a class of one kind as being a subtype of a different kind of class (much the same way a square is a kind of rectangle)

Polymorphism-- Allows a class to be defined as being a member of more than one category of classes (just a car is a "thing with an engine" and "a thing with wheels")

Interfaces-- A way of specifying that an object is capable of doing something without actually defining how it is to be done (e.g a dog and a human are "things that walk" but they do it very differently )

Encapsulation-- The ability of an object to project access to its internal data.

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